Autism Reform Legislation in North Carolina-Donna Bell

In this video, one mom tries to calm down her daughter Isabella, something that  many parents face on a daily basis when caring for children with Autism.

Last week, North Carolina became the 43rd state to pass an Autism insurance bill into law. A law that  will cut down on the worries parents have when caring for a child with Autism like proper care and treatment. The law will provide the following:

Therapeutic care
Psychiatric care
Psychological care
Pharmacy care
and Adaptive Behavior Treatment

According to the Autism Society of North Carolina, there are about 1.5 million Americans living with Autism. Out of that estimate, there are 60,000 individuals in North Carolina living with Autism.

To learn more about the bill click here: Autism Speaks


Looking for Before/After School Care? -Charity McKinney

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