3 Ways to Keep Your Child Engaged During the Summer!

Are you worried about keeping your child engaged  in learning  during the summer time? Here are three ways to keep your child engaged.

Encourage them to Read
Summer reading programs have been around since the 1890’s (ALA). Encouraging your child to read more this summer is a great way to keep them engaged in learning. In fact, children who read more develop better reading skills (NEA).
  • Some libraries even have summer reading challenges that allow people of all ages to participate and win prizes. Contact your local library to see.
  • Teach your child about sharing, while encouraging them to read too. Create a tiny library in your neighborhood.
Visit a Museum
Museums can provide a positive hands-on learning environment for children before they get into a formal school setting and while they’re away from school during summer break (Smithsonian).  Find a Children’s museum near you.
  • Build a Time Capsule and Bury it in Your Backyard. Cut pictures or find objects that are trending today and plan to bury them and open them next summer.
  • Have a show and tell summer party. Have everyone bring something they like  from home and create a fun museum exhibit. Have them tell stories about the object and record it.
Visit a Trail
Nature promotes beneficial life skills like patience, curiosity, and observation. It  also promotes sensory learning and encourages play in children (childrenandnature.org). Plan to visit a trail in your area by visiting the link here.
  • Plan to plant a summer garden and engage children by teaching them to grow and learn how to cook their own food.
  • Plan  a nature scavenger hunt!