Need a last minute Halloween idea? Here’s three.

Need some last minute Halloween party ideas? Check out these ideas from last year’s pumpkin hunt!





Cool Ways Kids Can Give Back During Halloween


Collect  Families in Need/ Food Drive

According to a study by Feed America, many families with children can’t afford non-food household items. In fact, 1 in 3 low-income American families can’t afford basic household goods.

Buy Your Costume From Goodwill

Check out these  cool costume  ideas from goodwill. They spend 83 cents of every dollar on programs and services for people of all backgrounds who need help finding a job, language training, transportation or childcare.

Donate Candy to a Local Charity

By donating candy to a local charity you can teach kids the skill of giving back, sharing, and letting go of something.  

Show Gratitude

Make Thank You Cards. This teaches kids social skills like empathy.

***Work Family Resource Center is also giving back this season. Don’t forget to stop by our office on 10/31 between 9 am and 4 pm to receive a free Halloween goody bag. ***

5 Ways to Teach Your Kids About Voting


1. PBS You Choose

PBS You Choose gives kids an unbiased way to meet presidential candidates, create a campaign poster, and provides t trading cards of past presidents,current presidents and their spouses.

2.Electoral Map:

Scholastic’s Electoral Map gives kids an in-depth summary of the Electoral College. It’s an interactive map that’s very easy to navigate and talks about things like how many votes it takes to win in regards to the electoral college, and how electors within the electoral college pick the president.

3.Throw a Party

Throw a party with neighborhood kids and hold a mock election. This put kids in the setting of an election and can teach and familiarize them with the process of  elections.

4.Ask them how they feel about the election.

Asking questions encourages critical thinking in children and gives them the opportunity to build their own value system on what’s right and wrong.

5.Take Them With You To Vote

The best way to teach kids about  voting is to give them first hand experience. Take kids with you to the voting station to see what voting is like.

Seven Ways You Can Support Work Family Resource Center


Thanks to donations we were able to hold our first annual  pumpkin hunt event. Learn more about how you can support our cause below!

Work Family Resource center is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit whose main goal is to help connect families and businesses to quality child care.We believe that quality childcare sets the groundwork for future learning, and have been serving the community for over 20 years. Here are seven ways to support our cause:

1. Follow us on our social media channels:

Follow us on Facebook , Instagram and Twitter to support our cause.

Find informational content about us, our events and current events.


2. Sign up for our monthly newsletters.

Sign up for our monthly newsletter to learn about updates and what’s happening with the organization.

3. Workshops:

Benefit and Sign up for our valuable workshops here. Ever wanted to start your own childcare facility? Sign up now!

4. Donation/Fundraiser

Visit the link to our donation page and give back or start a fundraiser for us on your Facebook page.

5. Donate supplies:


You can always donate supplies to events that we’re having. Thanks to donations last year, we were able to throw our first annual pumpkin hunt event.


6. Good Shop:

You can also support us by using Good Shop. The good shop allows you to shop online at your favorite stores all year round while supporting your favorite cause. So if you need a ride, companies like Uber are eligible.

7. Growing Green: 

Love to garden? Our annual growing green fundraiser allows you to purchase easy to grow bulbs while giving back to families in need of quality child care. You can purchase bulbs during the Fall, Holiday, and Spring. #GrowWFRC

Three Benefits of the Child Care WAGE$ Project

0001Today early educators are paid lower than those who are working with older kids, which can result in high teacher turnover rates (more teachers leaving) within the early education field.

The Child Care WAGE$ Project is an education-based salary supplement project designed to attract better teachers and reduce high teacher turnover rates within child care programs.

Here are three benefits of the Child Care WAGE$ Project:

1. It attracts better teachers which increases the quality of education.

“Teachers who have earned a bachelor’s degree tend to have more positive interactions with children, have greater sensitivity to their needs and provide richer linguistic experiences.”

2. It decreases teacher turnover rates.

“99% of WAGE$ recipients indicated that the supplements either encouraged them to stay in their current programs or to pursue further education.”

3. It promotes a better learning environment for teachers and students.

“WAGE$ participants have so often voiced this as well by sharing that when they have less stress because of the WAGE$ supplements, they are able to better focus their positive attention on children in their classrooms, which means children are happier and more open to learning.”

To learn more about the project and it’s benefits click here.