Tips For Finding Holiday Child Care

During the holidays many parents struggle to find child care. Holiday schedules often lead to more irregular hours which can be bad for a working parent and  the well-being of their child. Here are five questions to ask yourself when searching for child care during the holidays.

  1. Can you adjust your schedule?

If you are in a situation where you can adjust your schedule. Ask your boss if there is any way to swap shifts with another employee at the office.

  1. Does your office have an emergency backup child care plan?

Some offices may have an emergency backup child care plan so their employees won’t have to worry about  finding child care or take off on days where child care might not be available.  Ask your supervisor, if one is available.

  1. Is your primary caregiver available?

Child care providers  usually follow the school calendar. Many providers take the holiday off. Ask about your provider’s  availability.

  1. Are there any emergency backup child care programs in my area?

Visit your local CCR&R  if you’re struggling to find backup child care programs on your own. Organizations  like these can help you figure out which child care programs best fit your needs. Need help finding childcare for the holidays? Visit our office today.

  1. Is there anyone else who is willing to keep your child?

Although you may not be off for the holidays, your relatives might be. Ask relatives that you trust if they are available to keep your child if your backup plan falls through.