Why It’s  Important For Children to Get Vaccinations Before Summer Camp?

Vaccines prevent the spread of disease. It’s important for children to get their vaccines before going to summer camp or traveling to another country. In fact, vaccinations can prevent many diseases including the mumps.

The types of vaccines needed depend on where your child will go this summer.  If they plan to attend summer camp, many summer camps for kids already require vaccination before you even walk through the door. If you child is headed out of the country they may need a different set of vaccinations in addition to the ones they may already have.  You can which vaccinations are appropriate for you child’s age here.

The American Camp Association recommends getting vaccinated for MMR Vaccines, Chicken pox, and even meningitis before going off to summer camp.


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Three Good Reasons You Should Send Your Child to Summer Camp


I. Social Interaction

When children attend summer camp they learn to build relationships outside of school and communicate with other peers who they’re member met before. Social interaction is very important because it teaches children how to get along with each other,  and it also teaches them to respond to different situations appropriately. Thus, teaching them social skills.

II. A Safe, Supportive Environment

Supportive environments are essential to developing children no matter what age they are. However, it’s most important for children at a young age.  Summer camp can provide children with a supportive environment while you’re at work and they’re outside of school.

III. Physical Activity & Healthy Eating

Many summer camps have a healthy eating program that caters to a child’s  nutrition and daily activity. Summer camps also offer some type of physical activity. This is a great thing because it teaches your child that exercise and healthy eating are important. It also teaches them the importance of getting outside in a world full of technology.

Bonus: Summer Care for Children Under 13 may qualify for a tax credit from the IRS

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Five Meaningful Gifts for Provider Appreciation Day

Provider Appreciation Day celebrates the importance of providers. It’s celebrated in several locations including the U.S., Asia, and Europe.
The Importance of Child Care Providers in Early Education:
Childcare providers are important. They provide a nurturing environment for your child while you’re at work.
They make sure your child is always fed, clean, and safe.  Enrolling your child in quality child care can have many benefits. This includes developing all the skills they need to succeed in life.
Here are five meaningful gifts to give your provider  for Provider Appreciation Day:
1. Gift Cards & Supplies:
Gift cards and supplies (i.e. Soap) are a great way to say thank you to your providers. Many educators have to come out of pocket for supplies. Providing these items helps your provider save money.
2. Letters from Kids & Parents:
It’s always nice to receive a letter of appreciation. It shows that you care and will motivate and make the provider feel appreciated.
3. Foot Inserts:
Childcare providers are always on their feet. That’s why foot inserts are great. They help reduce pain and are beneficial to your child care provider’s health.
4. Get Well Soon Baskets:
Let’s face it we all get sick.   Get well soon baskets are great for days when your provider isn’t feeling so well. It incorporates items like soup, Aspirin, cold medicines, tissues, and tea. This is a nice way to thank your childcare provider. It shows them that you’re thinking about them and thinking ahead.
5. Coffee /Tea:
Taking care of children can be a handful, especially when you’re out of energy. Give your childcare provider something that will get them up and go in the morning.