What is Dry Drowning?

What is Dry Drowning?

Dry drowning occurs immediately after exiting the water and is easily confused with secondary drowning. Although similar in nature and symptoms. Dry drowning occurs when water enters the vocal cords whereas Secondary drowning occurs when water enters the lungs.

How does dry drowning happen?

Water gets into the vocal cords causing the chords to spasm and leading to suffocation.

What is One Way To Prevent Dry Drowning?

Teaching kids to swim is the number one defense against dry drowning. Tips from qualified instructors like keeping your mouth shut when jumping or diving into water can be the difference between life and death for your child.

What are some of the Warning Signs of Dry Drowning?

Warning signs for dry drowning can include trouble breathing, coughing, chest pain and choking. It’s important to pay attention to these symptoms while getting in and out of the pool this summer.



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