What can I do at home to help my child practice self-regulation at home?

To practice self-regulation at home, it’s important to set a consistent routine for your child. Keeping a routine is very important for them because it can bring structure to a chaotic and often confusing world. In fact, enforcing daily routines can help children learn how to regulate their habits on their own. According to a 2017 study from the Journal of Obesity, researchers found that by enforcing routines like consistent meal times and screen times, children were able to self-regulate their emotion and manage healthy eating habits. These skills self-regulation skills are vital when coping with emotions like anger and making healthy choices throughout life.


Why is it important to plan a safe and age appropriate field trip?-Laura Brown

Field trips can be a wonderful learning experience for young children. However, to make the most of the experience,  it needs to be safe and age appropriate. Careful planning and preparation are important to keeping everyone safe while having a good time. You should consider the ages, abilities, and interests of the children, making sure that the field trip site will be age appropriate and enjoyable for all attending.


Five Characteristics of a Quality Shool Age Program-Vonya Washington

A quality school age program provides children a safe and nurturing environment.  It creates opportunities for children to interact with their peers, participate in age appropriate activities, while generating educational experiences within their community.

There are five quality indicators that a quality school age program should consist of but not limited to:
1. Health, Safety, and Nutrition
2. Environment Design
3. Developmentally Appropriate Activities
4. Child/Youth Development and
5. Guiding Challenging Behaviors.

Each quality indicators brings their own unique value and are crucial to helping children grown and develop social-emotionally as well as physically.

What is the Importance of SunScreen?


Sunscreen is important for children because it protects them from sunburns and the UV rays that cause skin cancer. Paying attention to SPF is important when buying sunscreen. SPF measures the sunscreen’s ability to protect your child’s skin from UV rays. According to the CDC, the SPF of the sunscreen you choose should be at least 15. Another way to protect children from the sun is to provide full coverage of your child’s skin. This can include hats, long sleeves, and long pants.