It’s National Book Lover’s Day: Why Are Libraries So Important? 

Libraries are important because they provide books to children  in families who may not have the money to purchase them.

Having access to books is important because they contributes to helping a child build their vocabulary and communicate effectively.
Libraries are also beneficial to a child’s community and  also provides resources to help that community succeed.

Why After-School Programs May Be in Trouble in 2017

The 21 Century Community Learning Center Program is critical to after-school programs in the U.S., but it maybe receiving some significant cuts this year.  These programs are important because they provide quality child care to low-income areas and kids whose parents are not available after school.  These programs keep kids engaged and safe and benefit parents during the school year and in the summer.  According to an NPR interview, 2 million children may lose after-school care this year.  This is especially important since around  34,000 NC students participate in the program.