Why After-School Programs May Be in Trouble in 2017

The 21 Century Community Learning Center Program is critical to after-school programs in the U.S., but it maybe receiving some significant cuts this year.  These programs are important because they provide quality child care to low-income areas and kids whose parents are not available after school.  These programs keep kids engaged and safe and benefit parents during the school year and in the summer.  According to an NPR interview, 2 million children may lose after-school care this year.  This is especially important since around  34,000 NC students participate in the program.


What can I do at home to help my child practice self-regulation at home?

To practice self-regulation at home, it’s important to set a consistent routine for your child. Keeping a routine is very important for them because it can bring structure to a chaotic and often confusing world. In fact, enforcing daily routines can help children learn how to regulate their habits on their own. According to a 2017 study from the Journal of Obesity, researchers found that by enforcing routines like consistent meal times and screen times, children were able to self-regulate their emotion and manage healthy eating habits. These skills self-regulation skills are vital when coping with emotions like anger and making healthy choices throughout life.

Why is it important to plan a safe and age appropriate field trip?-Laura Brown

Field trips can be a wonderful learning experience for young children. However, to make the most of the experience,  it needs to be safe and age appropriate. Careful planning and preparation are important to keeping everyone safe while having a good time. You should consider the ages, abilities, and interests of the children, making sure that the field trip site will be age appropriate and enjoyable for all attending.


Five Characteristics of a Quality Shool Age Program-Vonya Washington

A quality school age program provides children a safe and nurturing environment.  It creates opportunities for children to interact with their peers, participate in age appropriate activities, while generating educational experiences within their community.

There are five quality indicators that a quality school age program should consist of but not limited to:
1. Health, Safety, and Nutrition
2. Environment Design
3. Developmentally Appropriate Activities
4. Child/Youth Development and
5. Guiding Challenging Behaviors.

Each quality indicators brings their own unique value and are crucial to helping children grown and develop social-emotionally as well as physically.

What is the Importance of SunScreen?


Sunscreen is important for children because it protects them from sunburns and the UV rays that cause skin cancer. Paying attention to SPF is important when buying sunscreen. SPF measures the sunscreen’s ability to protect your child’s skin from UV rays. According to the CDC, the SPF of the sunscreen you choose should be at least 15. Another way to protect children from the sun is to provide full coverage of your child’s skin. This can include hats, long sleeves, and long pants.

Why is it Important to Continue a Consistent Sleeping Schedule During the Summer?

It’s important to keep a consistent sleeping schedule for children because it’s important to their development. In the summertime, it may be tempting to allow your child to go to bed later but that’s not necessarily a good thing. In fact, enforcing habits like going to bed earlier can improve your child’s behavior. This habit alone can help your child get along better with other children and reduce their chances of acting out. Keeping a bedtime routine and making sure your child is still going to bed at a decent time are two ways to continue their sleeping schedule into the summer.

Five Alternatives to Fireworks

Did you know Fourth of July activities like sparklers and fireworks can be dangerous to children? Here are five fun and affordable ideas you can use as alternatives:

  1. Ribbon Wands: http://bit.ly/1YyZ18F
  2. Toilet Paper Confetti Poppers: http://bit.ly/1nF5SK8
  3. Glow in the Dark Balloons: http://bit.ly/264YIbB
  4. Red White and Blue Slime: http://bit.ly/2sCx9Y0
  5. Painted Lawn Stars:http://bit.ly/297Fg64


What is Dry Drowning?

What is Dry Drowning?

Dry drowning occurs immediately after exiting the water and is easily confused with secondary drowning. Although similar in nature and symptoms. Dry drowning occurs when water enters the vocal cords whereas Secondary drowning occurs when water enters the lungs.

How does dry drowning happen?

Water gets into the vocal cords causing the chords to spasm and leading to suffocation.

What is One Way To Prevent Dry Drowning?

Teaching kids to swim is the number one defense against dry drowning. Tips from qualified instructors like keeping your mouth shut when jumping or diving into water can be the difference between life and death for your child.

What are some of the Warning Signs of Dry Drowning?

Warning signs for dry drowning can include trouble breathing, coughing, chest pain and choking. It’s important to pay attention to these symptoms while getting in and out of the pool this summer.


Why It’s  Important For Children to Get Vaccinations Before Summer Camp?

Vaccines prevent the spread of disease. It’s important for children to get their vaccines before going to summer camp or traveling to another country. In fact, vaccinations can prevent many diseases including the mumps.

The types of vaccines needed depend on where your child will go this summer.  If they plan to attend summer camp, many summer camps for kids already require vaccination before you even walk through the door. If you child is headed out of the country they may need a different set of vaccinations in addition to the ones they may already have.  You can which vaccinations are appropriate for you child’s age here.

The American Camp Association recommends getting vaccinated for MMR Vaccines, Chicken pox, and even meningitis before going off to summer camp.


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Three Good Reasons You Should Send Your Child to Summer Camp


I. Social Interaction

When children attend summer camp they learn to build relationships outside of school and communicate with other peers who they’re member met before. Social interaction is very important because it teaches children how to get along with each other,  and it also teaches them to respond to different situations appropriately. Thus, teaching them social skills.

II. A Safe, Supportive Environment

Supportive environments are essential to developing children no matter what age they are. However, it’s most important for children at a young age.  Summer camp can provide children with a supportive environment while you’re at work and they’re outside of school.

III. Physical Activity & Healthy Eating

Many summer camps have a healthy eating program that caters to a child’s  nutrition and daily activity. Summer camps also offer some type of physical activity. This is a great thing because it teaches your child that exercise and healthy eating are important. It also teaches them the importance of getting outside in a world full of technology.

Bonus: Summer Care for Children Under 13 may qualify for a tax credit from the IRS

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